Introduction on Niufa

“Niufa” is found by Stanley Guo, who was the head of the legal department of Huawei. “Niufa” is a high-end legal online platform and endorsed by General Counsels, legal department VPs from many famous domestic companies. “Niufa” has acquired financial investment with an amount of 10 million RMB in May, 2016.

Niufa High-end Peer Advisory Group has been successfully held in Shenzhen and Beijing, and has attracted General Legal Counsels, Vice General Counsels and board secretaries from fortune globe 500 companies, listing companies, state-owned companies, foreign invested companies and major private companies such as Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, Xiao Mi, Tesla, Gome, Air Asia, New Oriental, LeTV, Vanke, DJI, Daphne and etc, to participate. Besides, some top lawyers who have been verified by Niufa, from the 1st tier law firm such as King & Wood Mallesons, Zhonglun, Deheng, Dacheng, and Hankun joined the Peer Advisory Group as well. Niufa High-end Peer Advisory Group will be held in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Yunnan later on.

In the upcoming September, Niufa will host the “2016 South China Enterprise Legal Forum” together with South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and your attention is highly appreciated.

All users can register free of charge, but the provided information shall be genuine. And we will verify your registration information accordingly. Only verified Lawyer user can join our platform to provide services, and only verified company user can enjoy the services provided by the recognized Lawyer user via our platform.

Why your company needs to register on Niufa?

After registration on Niufa and becoming verified company user, your company can access to top lawyers from China and overseas, and find qualified lawyer in a short time and consult the lawyer with lower costs.

After registration on Niufa as company user, you can join the online and offline activities organized by Niufa and communicate, talk on topics like legal department management or other particular legal topics. Besides, you can improve your management skill and career path and safeguard the development of the company.

Why lawyers/ professionals need to register on Niufa?

After registration on Niufa and verified as lawyer user, your profile will be displayed on our platform free of charge. Besides, you can have chance to be selected in the lawyer data room of many big or medium companies, and to join all kinds of online or offline activities, to do legal research on popular topics, to expand high-end network resources, to approach real clients and to provide legal consultation service to reputable company clients. Furthermore, lawyer user can join our easy consultation section to monitize your knowledge and experiences.

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