Country/City:Minsk Belarus, Kirova 18, President Hotel, office 711,713

Practicing Area:hwzc

Tatiana Kоuchma Profile

besides her L.L.M thesis the Lawyer is the author of the article «International commercial arbitration in China» published in scientific law journal «Commercial and trade law». She is also the author of law articles published in such journals as «Jurist», «Law world», «Economic newspaper», «Commercial and trade law».
Tatiana Kоuchma is a lecturer of seminars organized for business circles. Besides, she is the author of Lawyer’s column «Women’s business Letter of the law» in journal «Business Lady».
The Lawyer is certificated by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus and possesses a License on rendering legal services.
Working languages: Russian, English, French.
Education Background:
2005 — Graduated from law faculty of Belarusian Institute of Legal Science on the specialization bank law jurisprudence.

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